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Stacks of Coins

Each year, businesses in Canada lose millions of dollars to delinquent accounts.

Examples of how customers get behind:

  • Writing NSF cheques

  • Ignoring statements

  • Breaking payment agreements

  • Refusing to pay

  • Making endless excuses


Doing nothing ensures no chance of debt recovery. Dealing with outstanding accounts can waste your time, stress your staff, and often never gets resolved. Too often, outstanding debts simply sit there, with little hope of being recovered.

Keeping up with all of the legislative rules about debt collection can also be daunting for many business owners. How long can you chase after a person before it becomes too late to collect? Who can you talk to about the debt? Is it legal to ask his/her mom?

We know the answers these questions.

You need help collecting on your debts – we’re here to help.

Why you should choose us

With over 40 years of experience and our wide variety of collection techniques, the Credit Bureau of Vernon knows all the ins and out of debt collection. We stay up-to-date with both current technology and the various provincial collection laws, which allows us engage with your customers from a position of knowledge and clarity. 

Because we work for commission, this motivates us to make sure that your delinquent accounts are given the full attention of our agents, so that we work your account to the best of our ability.

And since the accounts don’t belong to us, we can approach the situation more neutrally. We engage with your customers professionally and calmly, and our focus is on finding the best way to get the debt taken care of.


We are in a position to help you. Once those delinquent accounts have hit 90 days, we step in.

Become a Client: Text

Take the plunge

The first step to getting us on your side is by becoming a client.

Despite what you might have heard, most Canadian debt collection agencies don’t buy debt; we act as a subcontractor, working your outstanding accounts for a commission. At the Credit Bureau of Vernon, we don't charge fees to open accounts, so we only get paid when you do.

If that sounds good to you, get a copy of our contract, and read it over. When you’re ready to get started, sign it and send it back to us. Once that’s done, we’ll be in a legal position to talk with your customers on your behalf.

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