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Now that you're a client

When to submit your accounts

BC laws now state that you must take action on overdue accounts within two years of invoicing or receiving a partial payment. Too many businesses wait until that unpaid bill is almost at that critical date, when many of your customers have moved, changed phone numbers and frequently forgotten all about that last bill.

In Alberta, an account can be sent for collections up until six years after it becomes overdue; while this means that an older account can still be sent to collections, the odds of receiving payment go down drastically.

So when to send them to us? We recommend only waiting until they’re 90 days old. At this point you’re beginning to get frustrated, but the debt remains fresh in your customer’s memory; a good time for us to step in!

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What information should you send us?

Once you’re a client, you can start submitting accounts. But just sending us the invoice isn’t quite enough; we need contact information too. Even old addresses or phone numbers are important; we can do a much better job of searching for your moved or relocated customers if we have a place to start from.

In order to work your accounts, we need the following information

Contact Information


  • Street and/or Mailing address

"123 Front St, Mikeville, BC, V1V 1V1"

  • Email address

"jane @"

  • First & Last Name, or the Business Name.

"Jane Smith" or "Smith Inc"

  • Contact Name (if Business)

"Jane - sales rep for Smith Inc"

  • Phone number(s)


  • Secondary contact info

"Spouse: John Doe"

**Regarding secondary contact information (spouses, family, employers): Collection law allows us to contact these people if we can’t find your customer, so if you have lost contact with your customer, this will help us.

Balance Owing

  • The amount they owe (including GST) + interest/late charges

"$150.00 + $10.00 (late fee)"

Last date of service/payment

  • mm/dd/yyyy OR Mmm. dd/yy

"12/22/2022" OR "Dec. 22/22"

We need this so it can be correctly listed on their credit rating. We need the last day you did work for them OR the last date of payment.

Proof of Amount Owing

  • The invoice, statement, ledger. Any document that shows what your customer owes.
  • For Residential Tenancy disputes, we need a copy of the legal order.

Other information

If there’s something tricky about the situation, or you have a delicate relationship with this customer, let us know about it. Did they promise to pay dozens of times, or talked about moving? Were they previously really good customers, but now they're months behind? This information will help us to deal with your customers better.

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Submit your accounts

Finally, it’s time to submit your accounts. We offer several different ways for you to do this. And please note: to protect your customers’ privacy, we prefer you email or fax the following forms to us.

Fill in our debtor form, scan/print to PDF an invoice or statement, and attach it all to an email.

For those more comfortable with paper, you can still send us the information via fax

Still need forms?

Email us for the password, and you will be able to download the forms by clicking on the icon below

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